Breadlake is the acquisition and sale partner for new and refurbished Bounce vehicles & accessories.

                Bounce Kirana

                Partner with Bounce

                Add your Kirana to our network and earn more. 
                No upfront or recurring costs involved. 
                Direct Benefits to your core business through free marketing.

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                Bounce Branding & Parking
                Become a Bounce Zone
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                Earn more through Peripherals
                Referral and recharge Bounce Cash to eam more
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                Earn by performing simple tasks
                Report issues & park bikes safely


                 Advanced issue found
                do I need to create dedicated parking space for Bounce?

                Any common parking space near your store is acceptable. We do not ask you to dedicate any parking space to Bounce. However, if the parking is available, you must allow a Bounce bike to be parked there.

                What training is required to perform these activities and who will provide the training?

                Tasks will be allocated through an app. Training of the app will be conducted by our team. The training takes 15 minutes

                How far from my store will these tasks be?

                These tasks will be within 100 m of your store and will take 3-5 minutes for completion



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